Transport Pärnu -> Tallinn

Kerri Kotta: As people leave from Pärnu at different times, we decided not to rent a bus for the return to Tallinn. Instead, we will cover your return ticket to Tallinn. I recommend you to book your ticket in advance, which you can do at: NB! Please check the date! After booking the ticket, please send a copy of it (as a pdf file) to me together with a copy of the payment document (pdf) and your bank account number so that we could make a repayment.

There are two options to get to the airport: (1) to take a taxi or (2) bus no. 2. For more information see: The route from the bus station to the airport can be seen here:,+Lastekodu,+Kesklinn,+Tallinn,+Tallinna+linn&daddr=Tallinna+lennujaam,+Tallinn&hl=et&ll=59.423557,24.783225&spn=0.022704,0.066047&sll=59.42152,24.785062&sspn=0.022705,0.066047&geocode=FZ_KigMd_wR6ASmBtKZmqJSSRjH_c6E13iHWXA%3BFVWTigMd9Ol6ASGn6lQli1jDUCmlGLsPYeuSRjGn6lQli1jDUA&oq=Tallinna+Len&dirflg=r&ttype=now&noexp=0&noal=0&sort=def&mra=ltm&t=m&z=15&start=0

Laupäev / Saturday 11.1.2014[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

8.00 TAXI Villa Artis, 8.05 TAXI Hotel Victoria:

  1. Edward Klorman BUS 8.30
  2. Timothy Jackson BUS 8.30

16.15 TAXI Villa Artis:

  1. Michael Oravitz BUS 16.45

18.30 TAXI Villa Artis, 18.35 TAXI Hotel Victoria:

  1. Walter Nery BUS 19.00
  2. William Caplin BUS 19.00
  3. Klaas Coulembier BUS 19.00
  4. Sona Andreasyan BUS 19.00
  5. Steven Vande Moortele BUS 19.00

Pühapäev / Sunday 12.1.2014[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

7.00 TAXI Villa Artis, 7.05 TAXI Hotel Victoria:

  1. Mathhew Arndt BUS 7.30
  2. Audra Versekenaite BUS 7.30

8.00 TAXI Villa Artis, 8.05 Hotel Victoria:

  1. Edward Klorman BUS 8.30
  2. Poundie Burstein BUS 8.30
  3. Olli Väisälä BUS 8.30

8.45 TAXI Hotel Victoria:

  1. Edward Jurkowski BUS 9.15

10.15 TAXI Hotel Victoria:

  1. Roberta Vidic BUS 10.45

11.30 TAXI Hotel Victoria:

  1. Stephen Slottow BUS 12.00

13.45 TAXI Hotel Victoria:

  1. Gerhard Lock BUS 14.15
  2. Joshua Mailman BUS 14.15
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